The musical Troglostory

( pubblicata mercoledì 23 marzo 2011 )

Dopo tante mie recensioni a questo musical che amo particolarmente avendolo visto nascere e crescere in questi due anni oggi ho sentito il desiderio di fare a tutti i componenti del cast un regalo diverso: una recensione in inglese, un biglietto in più per “volare” a Broadway!!!

Troglostory is a musical written by Tony and Gianluca Cucchiara, father and son, the first one has written the words, the second one the music.

It’s a love story with a tragic end very similar to Romeo and Juliet but while Shakespeare sets his story in Verona in the 16th century Tony Cucchiara puts his story in a prehistoric Sicilian place and while in Shakespeare’s masterpiece the two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, belong to two rich families who hate each other in Cucchiara’s Troglostory the two young lovers, Turi and Sarina, belong to two family-clans named “Tribù dei Lisci” and “Tribù dei Barbuti” who too hate each other but for different reasons, troglo-reasons of course.

Tony Cucchiara’s musical Troglostory, like all his creations (he has been writing musicals, performed even in the USA and Australia, for more than thirty years) has a final important message for all of us: violence leads to other violence, hate brings other hate, a perverse spiral with no end if men will go on killing other men for revenge, for jealousy, for silly little reasons.

Everything is perfect in this musical, from the magic sceneries and
costumes created by Giuseppe Andolfo to the perfect choreographies of Franco Miseria and to the right direction of Angelo Tosto; the numerous cast is “starry”, let us use this adjective, from the youngest ones to the less young ones, each of them contributes to give endless emotions to the public.