“Parole sulla sabbia” by Ellen Block, recensione di Daniela Domenici

A woman, an island and a lighthouse: on these three
elements Ellen Block succeeds in building a story which enthralls: “Parole
sulla sabbia”, excellently translated in Italian by Rita Giaccari and published
by Corbaccio.

As Publishers’ Weekly writes: “Ellen Block tells, with
rare delicacy, the heart’s pains and the recovery of a hurt soul”, the one of
Abigail, a lexicographe who, in order to survive to a grief which has upset her
life, decides to go to live on an island, Chapel Isle, and to become the
guardian of its lighthouse.

Slowly, Abigail, who the inhabitants of the village rename
Abby at once, a new name for a new life, succeeds in interweaving relationships
with most of the inhabitants of the isle; some of them stand out thanks to the
splendid characterization given by the author, among all Denny, Bert, Merle,
Nat, Ruth and Lottie; so Abby can, in the end, establish a sort of relationship
with her grief which make her find a new balance.

“Parole sulla sabbia” tells, with extreme and delicate
grace, the strength which can rise to make us go over a devastating loss
through the power of words and their capacity to recover, to transform, to
touch the heart.

It is really delicious the idea to begin each chapter
with a word, a noun, a verb or an adjective, and its meaning taken from the
dictionary and very original indeed the escamotage to insert the thoughts of
the protagonist in a different font, thoughts which seems that all the
inhabitants of Chapel Isle can hear: we are now looking forward to reading the sequel
to the story which Ellen Block is writing on her readers’ demand.