“PensiEROStupendo” by Lady P, translations by Teodoro Senni, survey by Daniela Domenici


Another intriguing title, another word game for the second poetic collection of Lady P; after “SolERos” it has just been published “PensiEROStupendo”.

It is really a fertile period for this woman author coming from Liguria and living in Tuscany because last September with her first poetic collection she won a prize, with her first novel “I brividi in gabbia” she won another one last February and now the birth of this second poetic collection of hers which is going to become a real jewel.

There are 67 poems about EROS and once again Lady P, as I write in the back cover, “gives us an elegantly femal erotism, expertly refined, enriched by images in perfect pendant with the musicality of her verses which are her free song, her “pensiEROStupendo”.

In this collection there is a “new entry” which makes the difference; some of the poems, to be exact 11, have been tralated in English by the poet Teodoro Senni and so we can appreciate them in the musicality of the double languages.

There is also a “fil rouge” which links five of the poems of this new collection, music (in the past Lady P composed several song texts) which is one of the cornerstones of erotism, together with food and perfums, according to Lady P, a mixture of all the senses to give birth to a “pensiEROStupendo”.

And there also two poems which refer us to her novel “I brividi in gabbia”, they are “Non ho paura” and “Double”.