a love story without a happy end, by Daniela Domenici

The story you are going to read has really happened, I personally know the man protagonist and the woman protagonist; she has asked me to narrate it so that other women have not to live her humiliation.

Toni,the woman protagonist, from California, is a manger of a great firm, is 56; a day of two years ago, in Lourdes, she met Giuseppe, an Italian man who was there as a bearer of a group of Genoa sick persons, he has been a volunteer in this role for many years.

This man is 69, has two former wives and three children and works on his own in Genoa.

Between Toni and Giuseppe something was born in that day and after her return to California and his one to Genoa they start writing each other and phoning I don’t know how because Giuseppe doesn’t know any English word and she only few ones…thanks to Google translator!

They see each other again once because he goes on a trip to the USA with his relatives.

This story goes on until Toni decides to spend few days with him in Genoa to know each other better. At that point Giuseppe decides to come to me to learn some English to be able to communicate with her live, without Google translator, but, unfortunately, because of his age and the too many years spent from his school days, notwithstanding my efforts, the results are less than minimal.

The fateful day of the meeting arrives and I hope, inside me, that everything will go in the right way even if I still can’t understand what Toni has found in Giuseppe (but it’s only a thought of mine).

Unfortunately Toni couldn’t imagine that Giuseppe had a double love life: beside staying with her he had a love story with another woman, A., she too is foreign; in conclusion he held his foot in two brackets…and he was a volunteer at Lourdes…

When Toni discovers the affair, and it was not too difficult either because he phoned and wrote her while staying with Toni, leaving traces on his mobile phone, she decides, with great pain and disillusionment, to leave him at once and go to stay somewhere else to wait for her flight back to California.

But Giuseppe not yet satisfied of his double love stories, tries, with violence, to hold her back leaving bruises on her arm but she has the strength and the courage to go away and wait, somewhere else, for the day of her return flight.

Now Toni is calm and happy again in California, she is trying to forget this squallid and painful story eliminating every trace of him, letters, gifts, she is daily writing me to keep me informed and has asked me to narrate this story of her to warn other women against easy illusions.