I too have a dream – 21st August 2019 – 28th August 1963, by Daniela Domenici

I too have a dream 55 years after M. L. King’s one

  • that Italian WOMEN can overcome their differences
  • that Italian WOMEN can walk, hand in hand, towards a common goal without rivalry, envy or jealousy
  • that Italian WOMEN can demonstrate their value, their skills and abilities in EVERY field
  • that Italian WOMEN can deeply know the 21 WOMEN who were so important in writing our Constitution
  • that Italian WOMEN can be free to decide to stand for some Government role and for the first time since that fundamental day, 2nd June 1946, elect the first Italian President of our Republic and the first woman Premier
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkNsEH1GD7Q