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my brain and my body, in rhyming couplets, by Daniela Domenici

my brain synapses always run my body too has just begun if I want a healthy, active brain as long as possible I have to train also my body because the famous Latin… Continua a leggere


world brain day, composition in rhyming couplets by Daniela Domenici

also this year, today is the World Brain Day, a perfect anti aging is always reading, to keep our brain healthy, young and with few diseases we can learn poems by heart or… Continua a leggere


mental tiredness, with alternating rhymes in seven-syllable verses by Daniela Domenici

mental tiredness due to contingent situations which makes me feel a bit blue and have some strange reactions which I was not prepared to; they left me some sensations which can be, for… Continua a leggere


My creativity in standby, by Daniela Domenici

  My creativity is in standby And perhaps I know why: my brain needs some rest to work again at its best; my body is slowly recovering and my brain is silently saying:… Continua a leggere


“The sun…” by Daniela Domenici

  The weather is very rainy Today it is really very bad I love when it is sunny That’s why I feel a bit sad. Now that there is the sun My brain… Continua a leggere


“A day break…” di Daniela Domenici

today my brain is in standby and I really don’t know why no article translation no rhymed creation maybe it’s because it needs a pause una pausa soltanto di poche ore e tornerà… Continua a leggere


“The rain” by Adele Libero

Light is the rain, lightens the brain, tender is the sound I hope it is around


Daniela a villa Demidoff, appena creata…

Ho una vaga sensazione d’aver preso un’insolazione girando il parco di villa Demidoff my brain is going to…switch off avrei dovuto proteggere il cervello con un qualunque tipo di cappello di cui mio… Continua a leggere


My head…by Daniela Domenici

My beloved, precious brain is working properly again, my head is, luckily, aching no longer and I go to school feeling much better, whoever was the person thinking of me so deeply yesterday… Continua a leggere


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