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dawn, day’s birth, by Daniela Domenici

welcome it with your open heart ‘cause something smart will color it, even if the weather isn’t fine, even if the sun doesn’t shine, be always full of gratitude for the enormous multitude… Continua a leggere


a thanksgiving day, composition in rhyming couplets by Daniela Domenici

it should be every day a thanksgiving day not only today the last November Thursday we should be grateful and always thankful for the many precious gifts life always gives us through which… Continua a leggere


asocialità, in rima alternata e baciata, in Italian and English, di/by Daniela Domenici

la mia innata orsaggine, asocialità è peggiorata durante la maturità: la mia loquacità assente, la mia vitalità dormiente. This is my picture in these past days, not the most famous Dorian Gray’s, I… Continua a leggere


experience, splendid acrostic created by Nadia Boaretto

English is your destiny – Xanadu will remind you of Coleridge – Poetry in teaching leads to beauty – Endearing students are life’s best gifts – Round vowels and smooth consonants create music… Continua a leggere


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