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being a cultural influencer, by Daniela Domenici

being a cultural influencer is a great duty you must always be a provider of intense beauty if you give uninterrupted new inputs you’ll receive unexpected new outputs Culture with the capital letter… Continua a leggere


Haiku about my head, by Daniela Domenici

my head is aching too many thoughts inside it a pause is urgent


My head…by Daniela Domenici

My beloved, precious brain is working properly again, my head is, luckily, aching no longer and I go to school feeling much better, whoever was the person thinking of me so deeply yesterday… Continua a leggere


Beginning, traduzione in inglese di Teodoro Zeno Maria Senni della poesia “L’inizio della strada” di Lady P

Fireflies’ emotions in a whatever evening which is never whatever Rarefied air in echoes of steps on shiny gravel garlands of sky on the head and an arab smile in a changing circle… Continua a leggere


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