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being a cultural influencer, by Daniela Domenici

being a cultural influencer is a great duty you must always be a provider of intense beauty if you give uninterrupted new inputs you’ll receive unexpected new outputs Culture with the capital letter… Continua a leggere


Haiku about my head, by Daniela Domenici

my head is aching too many thoughts inside it a pause is urgent


My head…by Daniela Domenici

My beloved, precious brain is working properly again, my head is, luckily, aching no longer and I go to school feeling much better, whoever was the person thinking of me so deeply yesterday… Continua a leggere


Beginning, traduzione in inglese di Teodoro Zeno Maria Senni della poesia “L’inizio della strada” di Lady P

Fireflies’ emotions in a whatever evening which is never whatever Rarefied air in echoes of steps on shiny gravel garlands of sky on the head and an arab smile in a changing circle… Continua a leggere


My brain is grey today…

Raindrops keep falling on my head, says the famous song…as regards me raindrops enter my head and wash my thoughts away, one by one, and I feel so strange trying to think, to… Continua a leggere