I love books, three compositions by Daniela Domenici in the international book day

I must make a public confession:

I have got an incurable addiction.

I am an ebook/book addicted

and I don’t want to be cured.

Reading is my happiness since ever

and I hope it will last long, forever;

until my eyes and my brain are healthy

I will read an ebook or book almost daily!

I love reading

and writing

and translating

and correcting

and editing

I love all these actions

without any distinctions,

they make me feel at ease

with all the world in peace!

I feel so full of new, inexplored possibilities

thanks to my humble mental capabilities!


every new book or ebook I plan and decide to start reading

is a new adventure of my mind and my heart I start living

it is so thrilling

and amazing

and moving

when a new story is going to begin

and I am ready and eager to get in

to let me caught

and brought

to other places,

to other lives,

to other times…