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happiness, composition with words ending in – ness, by Daniela Domenici, in the international day of happiness

the DARKNESS of a sudden ILLNESS may be simbolic of an unconscious heart DEAFNESS, DRYNESS and EMPTINESS. So thanks to this new CONSCIOUSNESS you will get new heart DEEPNESS and FULLNESS coloured with… Continua a leggere


a new book, in rhyming couplets, by Daniela Domenici

whenever I look at a new book I am often grasped at once, at the very first glance; it may turn out to be a flash in the pan or it may prove… Continua a leggere


haiku on relaxing Sundays, by Daniela Domenici

relaxing Sundays always writing and reading my true happiness


feeling uneasy, by Daniela Domenici

feeling sometimes uneasy in certain public situations but getting at once busy to overcome these sensations and not think about this uneasiness: there are other kinds of happiness!!!


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