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always a new work in progress, composition by Daniela Domenici

I have always a new work in progress because it is my greatest happiness to give people smiling sensations with my words full of emotions I hope to be able to go on… Continua a leggere


to all of you, my beloved readers, thanks from your webmistress Daniela

to all the beloved women and men readers of this site, from all over the world, I have the great wish to write many thanks from the bottom of my heart and I promise that… Continua a leggere


today’s date for me, by Daniela Domenici

Today’s date for me is a key moment, a true turning point engraved in my mind. Many years ago a new life began in my native place many important events took place there,… Continua a leggere


22nd April, earth day, composition in rhyming couplets by Daniela Domenici

22nd April, today, it’s the Earth day if you just change places at H in the word EARTH you will create a wonderful new word: HEART that is, you have to put your… Continua a leggere


silent tears, haiku by Daniela Domenici

silent tears fall down heart is showing all its grief just for a short while


haiku on misunderstanding, by Daniela Domenici

misunderstanding can result in a wound accidentally … misunderstanding often because of wrong words the heart cries its grief


“Il cuore degli alberi” di Adele Libero

Ho parlato al cuore degli alberi, che, verde, racconta la sua storia, d’amori  antichi, di cara  memoria, di passate stagioni, di bel clima. Ho visto fiumi rossi, inquinati, respirare a fatica, tra la… Continua a leggere


“Up above” di Adele Libero

Above the blue sky I can see a big, green lawn, a high tree. I would really like to go up there so I could find thy atmosphere. I know You are lost… Continua a leggere


“Sweetness” by Adele Libero

Vorrei precisare che tutte le poesie di Adele sono state composte in inglese e poi, sempre da lei, tradotte in italiano Sweet talks, sweet walks, on the top of a cloud bare feet, not… Continua a leggere


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