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a thanksgiving day, composition in rhyming couplets by Daniela Domenici

it should be every day a thanksgiving day not only today the last November Thursday we should be grateful and always thankful for the many precious gifts life always gives us through which… Continua a leggere


new dawns, a haiku and a baishu by Daniela Domenici

many life tunnels often lead you to new dawns live them gratefully … stop living full of regrets there is always a new occasion to improve what you have done or forget erasing… Continua a leggere


#water, petit onze by Daniela Domenici in the world water day

water primary asset necessary to live not avalilabe to everyone #life    


peacekeeper, petit onze by Daniela Domenici

peacekeeper bringing peace wherever I can to improve people’s life mission


22 May, bio diversity international day, petit onze by Daniela Domenici

bio Greek prefix which means life bio diversities are values save


epiphany, first petit onze in English by Daniela Domenici

epiphany turning point in one’s life radical change of perspectives revelation


13th November: gentletude, in rhyming couplets, by Daniela Domenici

gentletude is an attitude toward everyone without excluding anyone in every moment of your life choosing every word not to be a knife


“Up above” di Adele Libero

Above the blue sky I can see a big, green lawn, a high tree. I would really like to go up there so I could find thy atmosphere. I know You are lost… Continua a leggere


“La vita come un puzzle” dal libro “Julie e io”di Giulia Gulino – Youcanprint editore

La normalità è un concetto talmente astratto e controverso come l’amicizia e l’amore; è qualcosa che ti coinvolge pur lasciandoti nell’incoscienza: “the fish doesn’t know the water”. Viviamo in un equilibrio instabile cercando… Continua a leggere


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