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haiku on music and reading, by Daniela Domenici

music and reading heavenly situation in deep silence


experience, splendid acrostic created by Nadia Boaretto

English is your destiny – Xanadu will remind you of Coleridge – Poetry in teaching leads to beauty – Endearing students are life’s best gifts – Round vowels and smooth consonants create music… Continua a leggere


“the music that plays on”, versione inglese di una poesia di Lady P

hands entwined like silken knots on arms stretched to fly Music slyly squeezing the impulses exploded from waiting vulcanic like overflow projectiles constrained by centuries brought back to light blinded by new breaths… Continua a leggere


“The bells” by Richard Harvell

  “The intense and yearning story of an impossible love. Thanks to Harvell’s magic prose it seems as if the music described in the story is going to be alive”: I borrow these… Continua a leggere


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