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sad moon, limerick by Daniela Domenici

Once there was a strange, alien moon who wanted to shine sometimes at noon she was fed up with darkness and wished to see some day light but the sun refused to accept… Continua a leggere


“This lonely night” by Adele Libero e “Notte” sempre della stessa autrice

This lonely night Lonely night, lonely river, stand by me, now and ever. I feel blue, I’m rocking my sorrow, please don’t go, until tomorrow. My love this night has just gone, all… Continua a leggere


“Eyes” by Adele Libero

Eyes You’re mirror of my soul, you smile, sparkling in the mist, tenderly. You’re open to love, pensively, extracting thoughts, confusedly. You cross the border of the world, stopping uncertainly, anxiously. You hope,… Continua a leggere


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