My map of you, by Isabelle Broom, translated by Cristina Verrienti, reviewed by Daniela Domenici

A book which has “caught” me very slowly, not at once, but which I have then “devoured” in a breath notwithstanding its size, 388 pages. My compliments to the translator, Cristina Verrienti, it hasn’t been an easy task to transmit the emotions and the descriptions of such a book but she has perfectly succeeded.

I have seen that the woman author lives in London and has spent one year in a greek island, Zacinto (or Zante), the two places in which she has chosen to set the exciting story which she has imagined for her splendid first work, a voyage which is either geographic or, above all, mental of the main protagonist, Holly, helped by Aidan, an Irish man “transplanted” in Zante who, together with the magic of the island, of its inhabitants and of its landscapes, will help to reconstruct, drop by drop, her life story, full of absences, of omissions, affective shortcomings but also of deja vu which will make her find, at last, the way to come to terms with her past and start loving herself. On the background of the narration, thanks to the perfect ploy of the postcards put at the end of each chapter and of passages of letters, Holly’s mother Jenny and aunt Sandra always stand out.

Full of deep love are the descriptions of the island’s landscapes and of the persons who live there together with the tastes and the smells which are “perceived” while reading; also the English capital is a splendid coprotagonist, well known by the author which tells it to us “from the inside”.

My compliments to Isabelle and I hope to read another book of hers soon…