morning thoughts of a teacher, by Daniela Domenici

We are fighting in the third world war against an invisible enemy

We all hope that it will be defeated soon

We are all living a very strange period

We can’t play sports outside

We can’t meet our friends, boyfriends and girlfriends

We must stay at home until this epidemic ends

We must wash our hands as frequently as possible

Staying at home brings a lot of consequences

We have to share spaces with our family, they have become smaller

Time seems much longer

We can discover new ways to spend our time

We can create new relationships at home

We can explore our hidden creativity

We can cook new original recipes

We can read a book left on our bedside

We can try to paint, to draw, to sing for the first time

As a consequence of this unexpected epidemic school has become virtual

Teachers are trying to teach us in this new way, each of them in his or her personal manner

Students must collaborate with them not only to be promoted to the following year but also not to rust their brains