the time of hypocrisy, by Petros Markaris, translated from Greek by Andrea Di Gregorio, review by Daniela Domenici

I saw this book on newsstands, I bought it without knowing anything about the author and it was an excellent choice because I read it in a very short time and I feel the desire to tell you a few words about it.

First of all, my warmest compliments go to the translator Andrea Di Gregorio because, as a “colleague”, I know how difficult it is to render the beauty of a text in another language; he succeeded in an exemplary way (and here the proofreader and editor enters the scene), without any syntactic inaccuracy, a very rare element in the contemporary scene, but giving a perfect fluidity to the narration despite the difficulty of the many Greek surnames.

The second element that made me love this story is the characterization of Commissioner Kostas Charitos, a man who knows how to give due credit to each of his collaborators, who encourages them to work as a team by eliminating any friction and who deserves the praise of his superiors. for the correctness and insights with which he conducts the images on the murders; Kostas is, at the same time, an affectionate and present husband, father and grandfather and this makes him even more likeable and human: congratulations!