Echoes of Silence, a Malaysian novel by Chuah Guat Eng, Italian translation by Marina Grassini, Le Assassine publishing, review by Daniela Domenici

In the space of a month and a half, I passed from the Czech Republic to Malaysia thanks to the splendid Oltreconfine series of Le Assassine publishing house and to its formidable women writers who do not write simple detective stories but full-bodied historical-social novels that let us know realities so far away to us “… the thriller, in addition to the search for the culprit, with a truly unusual ending for the Western reader, offers much more: a cross-section of Malaysia and its history up to the years preceding the country’s independence , with the English who govern the plantations trying to replicate their lifestyle, while giving in to the tropical heat and local customs “: great writer Chuah Guat Eng and perfect translation by Marina Grassini!

The narrator is Ai Lian, a young Malaysian woman of Chinese ethnicity who is in Germany to study and who returns home, after a long absence, for family and love reasons. I will not tell you more because the characters are so many, the events intertwine and slowly we will discover, together with Ai Lian, countless facts of the past, painful and traumatic, that will bring new light and awareness on the two women murders, which took place at a distance. of decades, and on the intricate family history of the Templeton family, owners of a large rubber plantation, because Ai Lian means both Lotus of Love and Lotus of Awareness.