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house e home, composizione di Daniela Domenici

in inglese ci sono due parole per dire casa HOUSE e HOME house indica l’edificio, home la famiglia, l’appartenenza, il focolare domestico ci può essere una HOUSE senza una HOME così come può… Continua a leggere


the end of the lockdown, composition in rhyming couplets by Daniela Domenici

for more than two months we have been blocked at home because of the epidemic, almost locked from today we all have been allowed to put and end to isolation, to go out… Continua a leggere


aliens fallen on the Earth, composition in rhyming couplets by Daniela Domenici

with masks and gloves we look like aliens fallen on the Earth where we are waiting, all together, silently, for a new birth, an unexpected, letal virus has destroyed the world before and… Continua a leggere


“Military parade” by Adele Libero

Sweet smile in the military parade, a flower to be picked, red, a smile to be kept, yet. What are doing there, those boys, Instead of being at home, with their toys? They’re… Continua a leggere


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