“Magic Wand Ranch” by Caroline Mickelson, review by Daniela Domenici


And once again the magic of the overactive imagination of Caroline Mickelson has caught me and made my child soul smile with “Ranch Magic Wand.”

This time the story imagined by her takes place in a real American ranch run by Cody who hosts, for a certain period of time, his two grandchildren Brian and Mitchell, sons of his sister Bethany, who give color to his life but, at the same time, are quite difficult to manage. For this reason one day his sister decides to send to his ranch to help him a babysitter a little ‘different from the usual, Fiona, a beautiful girl who hides a secret: she is also an enchantress with her magic wand and golden powder.

The two nephews with their splendid innocence and spontaneity will be the involuntary patrons of the unforeseen and original relationship between their uncle Cody and Miss Fiona which, among the many funny moments and the painful ones, will have a happy unexpected ending.

Thank you, Caroline, for the smiles you have given me with new story of yours.