decay, di Loredana De Vita

How low have we fallen!
How can we live with the responsibility of the guilt because of the crimes we have committed? Maybe that’s why we deny them, but even if we deny them, the facts, those coffins, scream the truth and don’t just whisper it, and no one can escape the accusations even if we boast improbable justifications.
We are inhuman, we have run out of resources… not those to survive, but those to live so that every life has meaning.
How much presumption of omnipotence in our delirium of power! Is it possible that we don’t realize that, beyond the innate right of those people to try to build a future for themselves and their loved ones, we, yes, we, we need them? Yes we need it.
False words in front of those coffins are the sign of our decay, we decompose inside before we die, because the Spirit of Man is dead in us.
There may also be many responsible, but this does not mean that passing the barrel saves us by making us more innocent. Everyone be responsible for their responsibilities, everyone rediscover that we cannot be without the difference of the other, everyone be enlightened by the awareness of being only a part of a greater humanity that has the right to seek their place in the world.
Those bodies are our decay, our failure, the measure of our unconscious and specious dehumanization, I wish they could also be our despair.