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I love you, Mum, alternating rhymin composition by Noemi Pisani

I love you Mum I really do I love your eyes and your nose, too I love your hair your smile is my bliss and here’s for you a raspberry kiss


haiku about teaching, by Daniela Domenici

I adore teaching flooding my pupils with love in this way they learn


haiku on being alien, by Daniela Domenici

I love being alien ignoring where I came from for a love mission


my weekend as grandmother, by Daniela Domenici

My loving, but too short, weekend as grandmother is going to end this afternoon, always too soon, every time it’s harder to say goodbye to them and I already plan when to come back… Continua a leggere


Relaxing moment, in five-syllable-verses, by Daniela Domenici

  Relaxing moment, my body needs it and also my mind; since I love them both I decide at once to stop doing my things and give attention to my body and mind!


Haiku sulla bibliofilia, di Daniela Domenici

Bibliofilia: amore per i libri ineffabile


haiku per Firenze, di Daniela Domenici

Gioiello raro brillante nel mio cuore amo Firenze


“This lonely night” by Adele Libero e “Notte” sempre della stessa autrice

This lonely night Lonely night, lonely river, stand by me, now and ever. I feel blue, I’m rocking my sorrow, please don’t go, until tomorrow. My love this night has just gone, all… Continua a leggere


“Sweetness” by Adele Libero

Vorrei precisare che tutte le poesie di Adele sono state composte in inglese e poi, sempre da lei, tradotte in italiano Sweet talks, sweet walks, on the top of a cloud bare feet, not… Continua a leggere


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