“Mermaid Inc” by Caroline Mickelson, survey by Daniela Domenici

mermaid inc

Once again a tale calls me and enchants me in Amazon; I have answered to its call and the image of Amazon as my personal virtual mermaid has nbeen more pertinent because the splendid protagonist of “Mermaid Inc”, wonderful modern tale, is a…mermaid, Miranda, sent among humans for a very important mission: trying to convince Japan to stop killing whales.

I have loved the magic of Caroline Mickelson’s words whose principal protagonists are, besides the tender, spontaneous, funny and stubborn mermaid Miranda, Kustin Lockheed, the manager who will succeed, thanks to her help, to convince the Japanese and who will discover to feel and important feeling for her and, above all, Goldie, the very funnt speaking macao who will first help Miranda to orientate herself in the world of humans and the Justin to find her when…I can’t tell you, you must “dive” together with Miranda, Justin, Goldie and the other delicious co-protagonists in the “waters” of “Mermaid Inc”