“The Wedding Chapel” by Caroline Mickelson, review by Daniela Domenici


I have lost the count of all the Caroline Mickelson’s books I have read, liked and reviewed in recent years, the imagination with which invents plots and places them in the strangest places, either the North Pole or underwater, it is really amazing, boundless besides being always very ironic and poetic.

This time I had fun with “The Wedding Chapel” which takes place in Nevada and starring the young American woman Bella and young English man Colin, the beloved grandfather of her Clive and the awful grandmother of him Margaret. Their chance meeting sets off a series of unexpected misunderstandings which lead to an unexpected and very romantic end either for the location or for how it performs. Once again the dialogue is crackling, the pace is overwhelming and you can not re-emerge until the last page after being enveloped by the rather “unusual” story between Bella and Colin.