Few thoughts of mine about Hackney Half Marathon 2019, by Daniela Domenici

Nearly two weeks ago my husband, two friends of his and me left from Genoa to London because they had planned to participate, for the first time, to the Hackney Half Marathon.

I was their tour guide since two of them can’t speak English at all and the other one speaks it sufficiently.

Everything has gone perfectly, from the very first moment when we arrived at Hacknet Marshes to get their race numbers, quick queue and welcoming people.

On Sunday the first astonishing thing of the day was the very long queue of runners, women and men, with their friends and families, walking toward Hackney Village, a splendid river of people in that London morning…

As we have just written in the survey received by email everything was perfect there, from the place where we could wait for the arrival of our runners to the many chemical toilets, from the various snacks and drinkings to the stretching exercises on the grass, led by experts, after the race and many other things.

To conclude these thoughts of mine I want to tribute my best compliments to the staff for the questions of the survey just received by email and in particular for the one regarding the sex of the runners, simply wonderful!

See you next year!!!